A man was carrying a very heavy wooden box on his back. The box was crammed with books and paper. Someone asked the man why he was carrying it, and he responded that he had to. When asked why, he responded that he was told that he had to carry the box and so he did.

We don’t realize the deleterious effects on our teaching and personal lives of such boxes. We just don’t. Like the man above, some teachers are made crazy by these boxes, but they can’t seem to put them down.

If they did, they would very quickly deposit them by the side of the road, and continue walking through their careers with straight back, bright eyes, a light step, and a lot of laughter and plain old fun in the form of shared language with their students.

Those students, all of them, are waiting, just waiting, for real instruction in the target language, instruction that is interesting and meaningful to them. They are waiting for their teachers to understand that they don’t have to carry boxes anymore.


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