Dairy Farming

[Note: Byron Despres-Berry asked me if I was a dairy farmer when he saw some night owl blogs on the listserve. Here is my response:] 

 Byron I wish I were a dairy farmer! That was very funny. Life wouldbe so much simpler! Maybe.

But we are teachers! Like you, I often wake up at night with so many fearful and elegant ideas about teaching and TPRS. But I bet we aren’t alone!

It’s like my in-services in TPRS occur when I’m sleeping. Then I have to get up and write down what I learned. There is a lot of unlearning also going on. I am in recovery, so to speak, from teaching in the old way. So I just wake up at night.

But I am glad to wake up! We are all waking up. We are all waking up together. We may not want to wake up, but we’re going to have to wake up anyway.

Because if we don’t, tens of millions, maybe hundreds of millions, of children are going to flat out beat us over the head with our new marching orders that say, “Wake up now and teach us right! We really have to actually learn the language now! We have a planet, Earth, that we have to clean up, and we can do it so much easier if you just wake up and learn how to teach us the right way!”

Ain’t it great?


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