How do we draw kids back in if they seem to be losing interest in the story? We ask them to describe one of the characters while we, or our resident artist, draw it on the board. Instant fun!

Focus on one really wacky characteristic, one that ties in with the theme of the story, if possible. Kids love to draw funny things on the board and soon the story will be re-energized.

Another good way to re-energize a story is to immediately switch away from event description to dialogue. One character wants their way and the other actors help or don’t help. Switching to output in this way seems to crystallize interest in a very strong way.

Besides re-energizing the story, dialogues are also chances to get a chant going (I want my money!), not to mention a chance to bring in strong emotions (I want my money! said in anger, while pouting, romantically, etc.). Just remember to keep these dialogues short.

Of course, the best way to react to fading interest is to stay in the moment of fear, keep circling, and let the kids cute answers save the day. But these are good alternatives.


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