We Want

We want our stories to work. We worry about that. We want the story to be a certain way. We want the story to connect to the script. We want it to connect to a set of thematic vocabulary. We want to create the story. We want it to be funny.

By not being willing to let go of the story, we limit it. We cannot legislate creativity in stories. We must “get out of the way” and trust the kids’ cute answers to drive things forward.

Wanting a story to turn out a certain way is like wanting anything in the future to turn out a certain way. Does it work in life?

Wanting too much, controlling too much, wanting everything to be legislated and planned may factors in certain teachers not “getting” storytelling.
Think of some of the best classes you ever taught. Were they planned? Did you want them to turn out that way, or did they kind of direct themselves along, becoming greater by the minute on some invisible power of their own.

We just want too much, and all this wanting detracts from our awareness of what is happening in the moment in our classes. Let the kids into the classroom, listen to their cute answers, and then use those cute answers. You’ll be glad you did.


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