Just More Dancing

Sometimes most of the kids in a class insist that the house is red. If I say that it a big green house, they take great pleasure in arguing to the contrary – the house is small and red! What is up with that? We are arguing about something that doesn’t exist! But what are we really doing?

We are playing with sound and meaning (language). The kids want the house to be small and red so that they can say the word casa and roja in an emotional way. Emotions carry meaning for them. This is their chance to feel something during the drabness of the school day,which is spent largely in the left hemisphere of the brain.

The kids take a side in the discussion simply so that they can play with the words casa and roja. Is that not cool? It is an amazingly subtle thing. We argue, but really we are dancing with sound and  meaning.

The kids protect their point of view, and I protect mine. Such a big dispute! What fun! I wonder why that happens. Maybe because humans like to dance with anything they can find – even words….

Hafiz says:

Someone will steal you if you don’t stay near, and sell you as a slave in the market.   

I sing to the nightingales’ hearts, hoping they will learn my verse, so that no one will ever imprison your brilliant angel feathers. Have I put enough spiced manna on your plate tonight in this Tavern where Hafiz serves?                                                                                                                 

If not please wait, for more light is now fermenting. Someone will steal you if you don’t stay near, and sell you as a slave in the Market, so your Beloved and I sing.   


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