I’ll Take the Porsche…

A person who is offered a Porsche in place of a tractor would probably choose to drive it on the superhighway that Blaine has created for us instead of driving it through a cornfield or on a dirt road.

It certainly is possible to drive a Porsche down a dirt road, but who would do it? The roads are finally opening up in foreign language education. The kids will benefit, and not just the kids, but also the teachers. They will no longer have to be out in the dusty and hot cornfields of grammar, kicking up that choking dust, which takes a toll on careers.

It must be said, however, that in spite of the great breakthrough that Blaine has come up with, the best teaching has a lot less to do with skills and techniques and a lot more to do with the attitude we bring to our instruction. 

A TPRS teacher whose heart is closed to the kids, and who doesn’t understand the importance of personalization and humor and the human element, will be less effective than a traditional book teacher whose heart is open to the kids. But, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather have the Porsche and an open heart?

As long as TPRS takes its proper place in all beginning first and second year classes, everything will be just fine, and the traditional teachers will be amazed at how much grammar and vocabulary their kids learn once this two year TPRS base is firmly established in the design of the curriculum they use. Then watch the AP scores soar!


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