We must have compassion for ourselves. We are in uncharted
territory, just discovering the tip of a grand and wonderful
iceberg, and most of us are still loaded with scuba gear, and
yearning, sitting on the ice, thinking, working up our courage to dive in and swim like those few dolphins (master teachers) down there in the water playing and enjoying the beautiful TPRS ocean.

It will take time for all of us to learn TPRS. If it were a minor event in the history of language acquisition, it would be easy and would not be causing such discussion. But TPRS is not a minor event, but a major earthquake. And it will take a lot of discussion, patience, compassion, research, communication, time, to learn. It will take time.


One Response to “Dolphins”

  1. regina oliver Says:

    I like that word compassion. I like it alot.

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