Use of Questionnaires in the Realm

The best and most practical use of questionnaires is in the Realm. It is easy and interesting to take a questionnaire that a kid has written specific to their Realm character and do PQA around it. Since those questionnaires were answered at a 9/10 fantasy level, they are really very interesting.

And since Realm stories are self-driven, based usually on information established the previous day, any questionnaire with energy is easily incorporated into the action. Engaging questionniares of kids that display energy injects instant energy Realm episodes.

One way to do this is to simply do PQA based on information in the fantasy questionnaires for ten minutes at the beginning of each Realm class. There is your jump start. When the previous day’s episode connects with something you are talking about in PQA, the new episode is off and running.

The advantage of doing PQA around these questionnaires is that it develops characters from merely one dimensional “bakers” and “blacksmiths” in the Realm into multi-faceted characters who are much more tied in personality to the real kid in the classroom, thus bringing greater interest to each episode.

Remember, characters in the Realm rarely change, unless they die, and since they exist all year, much greater personality can be developed, and these questionnaires are the starting point for that.

When an actor retains their character all year, as in the Realm, it is just more interesting. Of course, some kids want to have two or three characters, which is fine as long as all three don’t have to act in the same episode.


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