Parallel Circling

When you circle, you can add a parallel sentence to the one you are already circling. A parallel sentence can be described as a sentence which has the same verbal core, but whose subject and object are different.

If you are trying to teach voudrait avoir/would like to have, instead of circling just one sentence around that expression, you introduce a similar sentence and circle both of them.

If your original sentence is:

Classe, Elliot voudrait avoir une voiture /Class, Elliot would like to have a car!

You add another, parallel, sentence into the circling:

Classe, Jane voudrait avoir un Sprite /Class, Jane would like to have a Sprite!

Adding this second sentence infinitely expands the size of the circling “field” in which you are working.  It instantly adds many more possible questions to your circling, because you can do more with two sentences than you can with one.  Adding a second, parallel sentence into your circling brings more repetitions, and whenever there are greater repetitions, there are greater levels of comprehensible input and learning. 

I consider this technique of bringing in a second sentence to mirror another one during circling to be one of the truly great little tricks in TPRS – you will feel immediately more relaxed when you have that extra sentence to ask questions about.


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