the new Blainemobile

This car talk reminds me of an old post I wrote on the TPRS listserve, in 2005, copied here:

“My teacher gave me a fender. She told me it was “important” to really look at the fender, which she called descriptive adjectives. Then she gave me two bumpers, front and back. Verbs, she called them, regular and irregular. Important. Then she gave me a steering wheel and a lot of stuff on the dashboard. Pronouns. Very important, was what she said.

“My teacher gave me a lot of car parts. But I didn’t know how to put them together. I wanted a car that I could drive around Europe. So when I went to Europe I brought my fender, the two bumpers, and the steering wall and all. But they didn’t help me. I looked pretty stupid, actually.

“Then I took a TPRS class. My teacher gave me a car, a whole car! She called it a “Blainemobile.” I like it. I’m going to take it to Europe. I feel confident I’ll be able to get around pretty well in it!

“If you are a teacher just checking out TPRS, you may want to check out the new Blainemobiles. Your students will love you. Be the first teacher in your school to give your foreign language kids something that will actually get them around in a foreign country….the sleek, powerful, fun-to-drive Blainemobile.

“Better than giving your kids the fender, I say!”


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