Spiced Manna

Here is a poem of Hafiz, translated by Dan Ladinsky:


Someone will steal you if you don’t stay near, and sell you as a slave in the market.   

I sing to the nightingales’ hearts, hoping they will learn my verse, so that no one will ever imprison your brilliant angel feathers. Have I put enough spiced manna on your plate tonight in this Tavern where Hafiz serves?                                                                                                                 

If not please wait, for more light is now fermenting. Someone will steal you if you don’t stay near, and sell you as a slave in the Market, so your Beloved and I sing.   

Our students’ minds will be stolen and sold in the market of curricular objectives, essential outcomes, and textbooks unless we keep them near and safe? How?

We must keep them focused on our verse. If we put enough SPICED MANNA, enough RICH input in the target language, enough input that is about THEM, we will keep them interested. Each time we review their questionnaires, each time we refer to them in PQA or a story, each time we assign and christen a new name, each time we make THEM the subject and object of our verbing, we keep the fermentation process going. Each new day. We sing to them. To keep them out of the market.

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