my friend said

A friend told me about his recent bike tour in the south of France. Here is what he said:

“We just rolled along the countryside and caught the sights and sounds along the way with a lot of good food, wine and so on. Hanging out over there seems to have a lot more dimensions than here. They seem to spend a lot more time figuring out how to enjoy life and less on work than we do.”

I thought I would share this with the group. I am the worst offender, but I believe that if we can just relax and keep focusing on the method, everything will turn out all right in our classrooms in time. It will work if we give it a little time.

We need to remember that we are really changing our entire thinking about teaching, everything we have ever learned. Like the man looking at the green apple on the tree said, “Nothing good happens fast…”.

Blaine and Susie have set me on a course professionally that has had wide repercussions in my personal life. I am much happier now, because when I go into school in the mornings I know that I will laugh and have fun without any pressure whatsoever. It is so different.

Here’s hoping we can all just relax a little.


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