Matt’s email

Ben …I’m like Merry — I don’t know you either. I’ve been reading your posts, though, and I posted similarly to the now famous “Stinky Circling” post. I was having trouble with circling, too, and I kind of hoped that I would be graced by one of your “I really didn’t deserve such a thorough, great, on-the-point answer but you gave it to me anyway” posts. And I did.

I got a hold of a story today by the throat and literally strangled the fun right out of it by inserting my own stuff [into the circling]. I thought it was great — a kid said he liked to travel to the Bahamas with Queen Elizabeth and Pablo Picasso and they were in this tiny boat with a TV and a refrigerator … but it was all my own stuff. I was scared of the silence … afraid I’d get “the look”. Then, after I had mangled that story to death and stomped on it, all I was getting was the look that I feared so much.

Tomorrow, I’m going to wait [after asking a circled question]. I’m going to stay in the moment.

I’m going to try to create plenty of little pockets that students can fill with their cute comments.

I’m going to communicate with them, build relationships with them.

Thanks, Ben.



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