In order to get the kids’ Realm characters into the story, spaces must be created in the story. In the Realm, characters are excluded if there is too much focus on merely action. Isn’t it our goal to include as many kids as we can? Characters can be made if spaces are opened up for them. Spaces are created by good decisions on the part of the teacher. Good decisions require vision – what is the direction of the story going in? What might happen? Try to think ahead while teaching. You will be amazed at the many fertile options that pop into your mind when you do this.  If the action of the story takes place on a bridge and you have a water carrier in that Realm class, this is the time to bring that character in, no matter what the story script says. Stand the water carrier up, and ask the class questions about her. You will see that if you circle properly, those fertile options will become visible. But you can only create spaces in the story by knowing your students’ roles in the Realm and by being familiar with the information that they have provided you on the (new, updated) questionnaire.  In other words, if you don’t know your kids, fertile spaces for humor and interest can’t be opened up in the story, and rigid stories result. It is like chess – if you know your pieces, you can plan ahead. I am convinced that if you have lots and lots of information about the kids (cards, questionnaires) you can do a story fifty times better.


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