Not Too Many Details, Please!

One of my classes last week, the best one, actually rebelled against all the details I establish while circling a story into existence. They told me that they really wanted to get some action going on, with less character description and details like that.  They were so right! 

They wanted to see less trees and more forest! I am just now learning how to drive a story forward “through the trees” to an end point without sacrificing comprehensible input.

For me it means finding an entry path into a forest (the story) and following it through to the other side without getting distracted by too many details (trees).

The kids actually came up with a sign for “Speed Up!” to signal me when I fall into “the pit filled with the trees”. It is a whirling motion with a finger in the air.

So, as always, my students are my teachers, telling me to dump the details and get on with the story!


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