Drive On!

It is often said that the only thing that counts is comprehensible input. But I have found that it is not such a bad thing if the story is driven hard to an end in each class. This lends a sense of completion, a sense of accomplishment, and leads to more interest as well. So a kind of catch 22 is placed in front of the storytelling teacher on this point. If you let the story meander in any direction, happy that CI is occurring, the story can stall easily, but a lot of CI is going on. On the other hand, if you drive the story hard to an ending, it may inhibit good quality CI, but the story doesn’t stall. The teacher must find the balance point on this. For me, it means not meandering around, not looking at details too closely, and not straying too far from the story script. It means driving the story but not too hard, never sacrificing CI.


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