Classroom Discipline

More on Classroom Discipline

In stories, the three words serve the purpose of blasting the class off, so to speak. When you sign and gesture at the beginning of a class, three signs for three structures, you are creating a culture of signing that often goes on throughout the entire class, even if the original signed words never get used.

The signing and gesturing piece, which is always fun for the kids, anchors things. It always has a good effect on the feeling of the class overall.

Further, the physical movement of the kids’ signing during class leads to their staying focused and involved.  When kids sign all sorts of stuff throughout the story, it makes classroom discipline easier. A focused kid is a disciplined kid.

Even unfocused kids feel awkward and step up to the plate a bit more when there is a lot of signing and gesturing going on, because they are aware of the scrutiny of their classmates. Peer discipline is a powerful thing.

I asked a kid the other day, “What did I just sign”?


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