Carl Jung

I’ve been wondering why TPRS is so challenging.  But then I thought that, for the past few hundred years at least, teachers have intimidated kids in classrooms. Tolstoy recalled his years in school as “the worst of his life…filled with endless boring tasks.”

Think of Au Revoir les Enfants in French film or Alain Fournier’s Le Grand Meaulnes in French literature. It is almost an archetype, the teacher pulling on the ear of the boy with too much energy.

Carl Jung says that we all share a collective unconscious, a kind of collective memory of humanity on a level below our personal unconscious. We need to keep in consideration that we all are possibly in some way fighting images of teachers as mean people. This would explain why TPRS intimidates. It makes the teacher retool, rebuild, and destroy old images of what a teacher is. It makes teachers open up their hearts to children. That is hard work. TPRS and PQA are hard work.


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